Whole sales/Retails

When it comes to plumbing and house furnishing, you should go for the best simply because you deserve the best that's why we are here to give you the best! We offer whole sales to all willing young entreprenaurs; and we sell on affordable retail prices to our clients that deals on house fittings and general plumbing

Our fittings include: All PVC accessories, Pressure Pipes, G.I Pipes, Tigre Pipes, PPR Pipes, PPR fittings,


Water Supply

Owing to the nature of the environment in which are and going by the standard of WHO we have a niece water and a 24/7 water-supply for your house-hold activities. We have enough for your company, for your construction works. If you want to know more about this simply visit our deals
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Goods Delivery At Your Doorstep

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Out of the love we have for our most cherished, ever ready, steadfast clients; and because we have it as our priority Customer First, we offer to our faithful clients goods delivery at their doorstep and with this you can pay for your purchases on delivery. This is strictly for our local customers; by that we mean those within the country! We deliver as at and when due as you have the priviledge of paying at your door-step as we now deal with cashless transactions. Try to check out our services to make your choice straight away!


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We say what we do and do whatever we say! It is what we are known for. This is simply because we belive that you as our client deserves the best and we are here to give you that no matter what it takes! We do repair tanks, pumps and other assessories and as well give all our clients a clue and possible solution to all the likely problems to be encountered in the course of installation and thereafter! We also give pieces of advice on the use of our products.

Expert Plumbers

All your worries about having a befitting furnished house is taken care off! This is because you know what actually you want and we cannot rest untill you are satisfied! Place your ad on thousands of sites with BidVertiser. Get $20 in FREE clicks. Alert for being here! You have choosen the right track/place. We are here to give you the right person for your dreamed furnishing. We deal with professional and well certified plumbers that have been tested and found worthy. It might interest you to know that we work and deal directly with professinals and we know each one's capabilities!