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Our Fittings

when it comes to originality and quality; it a foregone conclusion that we lead and give the pace that others can follow! This is because we have fittings that are designed to your likings.

Water Pumps

N G LSurface Pump This is one of the best pump that serves like the submerssible pump, placed on the surface as the name suggests and mostly used for dug wells. It ranges from 0.5HP upto 5HP.
N G L Pressure & Submerssible Pump ‐With these pump at your side, you are good to go when it comes to pumping water to anywhere any time. The pressure pump makes showering more meaniful, enjoying and fantastic!!

Pressure Pump

This works well where water is needed to serve for higher and quicker use with same pressure at different strategic places. As in the case of hotels, hostels and even for your house chores.


Slim and Submerssible Pump

The slim pump may be taken to be synonmous with submerssible, owing to the fact that they perform same thing, the slim pump is far more powerful and durable when compared to the submerssible pump. They both ranges between 0.5HP upto 5HP


Surface Pump

This is one of the best pump that serves like the submerssible pump, placed on the surface as the name suggests and mostly used for dug wells. It ranges from 0.5HP upto 2HP.


Junior Pump

This also a variety of the suberssible pump that also does the same thing. N G L ‐made everything possible such that you our cherished client is satisfied with the outmost services required, by your selection from our variety of products!

Assorted Water Closet

N G L ‐The latest water closet in town. Your comfort room really deserves to be at it's best for it to depict that name. This is the reason why we are comitted to our work and have it as our theme Giving You Your Dreamed House Furnishing!
N G L ‐ A complete bath-room set having a water closet, a bath, a washing-hand basin with tap and other bath-room assessories. Only obtainable at N G L ‐ simply because we owe our clients the best and we do and go by all we say!
N G L ‐Squatting pan, Urinary bowl, Pit-trap, Closed-couple of out-standing quality are what we are known for. If you are ready to settle you have to go for the best, and if you actually needed to make your selection, be sure to check-out for variety at NGL
N G L ‐A cross-section of our show room displaying what we have in stock for you and you alone. Of-course it might interest you to know that we at always at you service when it comes to rendering our best to our clients.

Cubicle and Confirm Water-bath

seat money is good


We are in pattnership with some renouned companies that are known for quality prducts.
tank holborn


pressure pipes

Our PVC and Casine Pipes

Case your well/boreholes with the right and sure quality casine pipe and relax to enjoy your water. We have casine pipes of diferent sizes ranging from 3-inches upto 8-inches, we also deal on thick pipes that can be used to connect your pumps, ranging from 1/2 to 3-inches.

Our PVC is known for its' lasting quality such that you can be at rest and not to bother of making unnecessary repairs.


Galvanized pipes

Ofcourse there are no doubt that when it comes to galvanized pipes we are the NO.1 dealer. These galvanized pipes are sized diferently from 1/2 upto 6-inches. You need not be deceived when you want to buy the real thick galvanised pipe that can last and serve for the purpose you have in mind before making the purchase.

galvanized pipes

Our Pressure pipes and Rods

These rods are for scalfolding to any height with no qualms of conscience. The pressure pipes are for the fittings.


Tigre cum GI Pipes

These are imported products that are of different sizes for different purposes. Go for something that would last and do not settle for inferior products!